Monday, July 2, 2012

Pete the Cat - Counting Mat

I am somewhat obsessed with Pete the Cat (by Eric Litwin)!  I was so excited when the new book came out.  Once I got it in, I couldn't quit singing the song and using the phrase, "stuff may come and stuff may go, but do we cry?  GOODNESS NO!"  (I have a feeling my pre-kinders are going to be hearing a lot of that this year - thanks Mr. Litwin!) 

So, I've been working hard this summer to create a focus wall for my classroom.  I want to hit on the important concepts every morning to keep them fresh, and I couldn't help but include Pete!  He's not laminated yet (sigh! You should see my mountain of "to be laminated".) but he's still pretty cute - IMO.  I bought some scrapbook paper, big buttons (40% off with coupon at Hobby Lobby - don't say I'm not thrifty), and magnets.  I made Pete with the scrapbook paper, and I glued the magnets to the back of the buttons. 

I made about 25 buttons because our goal is to count to 20 in pre-kindergarten (and I ran out of magnets).  The plan is to change the number of buttons each day.  I will probably store the buttons in a hanging pail next to Pete, and we will count them everyday, and then write the number on a laminated version of this . . .

I can't wait to start using this in my classroom!  Get the counting buttons document here - Pete's Groovy buttons. What do you use to practice counting in your classroom?

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